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Table 6 Quantitative results relative to our alternative encoding strategy. We use the same settings as Setup default but with d a t a_h a s h_s i z e=81

From: Efficient and secure outsourcing of genomic data storage

Setup Encoded
Data preparation (s) 22.3
Size of VCF file (Mbytes) 58.6
Importation (s) 1.02
PIR query generation (s) 0.03
Sending query (s) 1.37
PIR reply generation (s) 0.62
Sending reply (s) 1.68
Reply extraction (s) 0.66
Round-trip-time (RTT) (s) 3.06 ±.004
  1. The data in boldface represents the round trip time, which provides an overall measure of the efficiency of our solution in the different setups