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Table 4 Predicted novel and known dysregulated pathways in lung cancer

From: In silico identification of potential key regulatory factors in smoking-induced lung cancer

Pathways References
MAPK signaling pathway [77]
Purine metabolism [78]
GnRH signaling pathway [79]
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway [80, 81]
Ether lipid metabolism [82]
Adherens junction [83]
Aminosugars metabolism New
Dentatorubropallidoluysian atrophy New
N-glycan biosynthesis New
Regulation of autophagy [84]
Renal cell carcinoma  
Snare interaction in vesicular transport [85, 86]
Cell cycle [87]
ErbB signaling pathway [88]
Insulin signaling pathway [89,90,91]
Pathways in cancer