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Table 2 Summary of timecourse features

From: Integrative model of leukocyte genomics and organ dysfunction in heart failure patients requiring mechanical circulatory support: a prospective observational study

  Day −1 Day +1 Day +3 Day +5 Day +8
Upregulated phenotype MELD-XI, bilirubin, temperature, PaO2/FiO2 SOFA, creatinine WBC MAP, INR, platelets Platelets, temperature, INR, glucose, respiratory rate
Downregulated phenotype WBC, MAP Respiratory rate, temperature, platelets, MAP, PaO2/FiO2 Glucose, INR MELD-XI, SOFA, creatinine, glucose, heart rate SOFA, bilirubin, creatinine
Upregulated eigengene Type I IFN, Transcription Metabolic, mitochondria, innate B cells, transcription Mitosis, Defense, RNA processing Apoptosis, protein folding, coagulation, catabolism
Downregulated eigengene Mitosis, catabolism, defense, mitochondria, ribosome T cells, demethylation, ER, transcription, coagulation, Type I IFN, NK cells Type I IFN, NK cells Innate B cells, innate, metabolic, mitochondria