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Table 5 Distribution of percentage of fusion reads across functional classes in cancer specific chimeric transcripts

From: De novo assembly and characterization of breast cancer transcriptomes identifies large numbers of novel fusion-gene transcripts of potential functional significance

chimer functional class Min% Max% Average% Median%
fusion-protein 0.00360 93.79 16.87 9.16
3′ truncated-protein 0.00034 99.64 15.19 6.54
cryptic splice-site 0.00600 99.83 17.50 4.37
novel RNA 0.00041 99.72 26.23 10.30
  1. Percent of fusion reads was calculated as fusion (chimeric) transcript reads divided by total reads (fusion read count + wild-type (non-fusion) 5′-gene read count + wild-type (non-fusion) 3′-gene read count) (see Methods). RSEM estimated normalized read counts were used. Metric shown in the table were calculated using 1535 breast cancer specific chimer transcripts