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Table 2 Detailed results of microarray platform of the transferred blastocysts

From: The establishment and application of preimplantation genetic haplotyping in embryo diagnosis for reciprocal and Robertsonian translocation carriers

Family The number of biopsied blastocysts Grade of blastocysts Molecular karyotype Results of PGH Transferred blastocysts Karyotype of amniotic fluid Consistency?
     Family membera Unbalanced embryosb    
1 7 6BB (1-22,X)*2 Carrier NA Embryo-1 46,XX,t(5;22)(q33;q12) Yes
2 4 5 BC (1-22,X)*2 Normal Normal Embryo-4 46,XX Yes
3 3 5BB (1-22)*2, (XY)*1 Carrier NA Embryo-6 46,XY,t(12;22)(p12;q13) Yes
4 6 5BB (1-22,X)*2 Normal NA Embryo-1 46,XX Yes
5 6 5AB (1-22,X)*2 Carrier Carrier Embryo-1 46,XX,t(1; 19) (q12;p13) Yes
6 6 5 BC (1-22,X)*2 Carrier Carrier Embryo-9 45,XX, rob(14; 21)(q10;q10) Yes
7 8 5 BC (1-22,X)*2 Normal Normal Embryo-6 46,XX Yes
8 3 5BB (1-22)*2, (XY)*1 Carrier NA Embryo-2 45,XY,der(14;15)(q10;q10) Yes
9 3 5AB (1-22,X)*2 Normal NA Embryo-4 46,XX Yes
10 12 5 AC (1-22,X)*2 NA Carrier Embryo-1-5 No pregnancy NA
   5BB (1-22,X)*2 NA Carrier Embryo-3-4 No pregnancy NA
   5 BC (1-22)*2, (XY)*1 NA Normal Embryo-3-1 46,XY Yes
11 12 5 BC (1-22,X)*2 NA Normal Embryo-12 46,XX Yes
  1. NA = not available
  2. aIn family1-9, the family member was used as a reference; in family10-11, the unbalanced embryo was used as a reference
  3. bIn family2, embryo-1, embryo-4 and embryo-9 were included; In family5, embryo-3 was included; In family6, embryo-4 was included; In family7, embryo-13 was included; In other families, the unbalanced embryos couldn’t be used as reference