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Table 1 Samples and sequencing statistics

From: A method to reduce ancestry related germline false positives in tumor only somatic variant calling

Sample name Cancer type Self reported ancestry Reads (Millions) Mean target coverage % Covered at 100X
GBM6-HA Glioblastoma Hispanic 897 553X 95.7
GBM1-EA Glioblastoma Caucasian 2768 2101X 98.3
TNBC3-AA Breast African American 905 599X 96.1
TNBC4-AA Breast African American 906 546X 95.4
TNBC6-AA Breast African American 1040 658X 95.4
TNBC7-AA Breast African American 899 588X 95.6
TNBC11-EA Breast Caucasian 1066 645X 95.8
TNBC14-EA Breast Caucasian 875 454X 94.5
TNBC15-GH Breast Ghanian 598 1012X 97.4
  1. Description of the patient samples and sequencing metrics of the patients used in the evaluation dataset. Note that GBM1-EA was sequenced to higher mean target coverage for in-silico dilution and down-sampling experiments. Blood samples from each patient were also sequenced to establish true variant classification