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Table 1 Infinium QC Array-24 variants sorted by their category and source

From: Clinical utility of the low-density Infinium QC genotyping Array in a genomics-based diagnostics laboratory

Marker Category Category Description Number of Markers
ADME Pharmacogenomics, from 1009
AIM Ancestry Informative markers from exome array ( 2910
Blood group From NCBI’s dbRBC database covering 51 blood group defining genes 1659
Fingerprint High MAF SNPs unlikely to be in LD with each other, from and 477
Linkage Linkage Panel by Illumina, contains heterozygous SNPs to test for Mendelian disorders, from Linkage 12 array 5486
Extended MHC Variants from extended major histocompatibility complex MHC covering 8 Mb region containing immune markers 930
Mitochondrial Determination of mtDNA haplogroups 141
Sex chromosomes X-chromosome specific 1840
Y-chromosome specific 1401
Pseudoautosomal Regions 535