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Table 5 Some examples of the predicted complexes with small p-value on Gavin data

From: iOPTICS-GSO for identifying protein complexes from dynamic PPI networks

No. Predicted protein complex p-value Gene Ontology term OS
1 YKL144C YNR003C YPR110C YPR190C YDL150W YKR025W YNL151C YBR154C YJL011C YNL113W YDR045C YNL248C YJR063W YOR340C YIL021W YML010W 1.22E-35 DNA-directed 5'-3' RNA polymerase activity (GO:0003899) 0.44
2 YJL069C YLR409C YLR222C YLR129W YDR449C YCR057C YGL171W YDR365C YKR060W YDR299W YGR145W YDL213C YNL075W YHR148W YLR186W YLL011W YJR002W YPL217C YGR128C YNL132W YMR093W YCL059C YPR144C YER082C YPR137W YBR247C YPL126W YDR324C YHR196W YOR078W YDL148C YJL109C YMR128W YOL010W YNL308C YHR169W YPR112C YDL166C YLR003C YGR081C YOR056C YGR054W YKL143W YNL207W YPL204W YCL011C YJL033W YKL059C YLR115W YAL043C YLR277C YNL317W YKL018W YJR093C 5.46E-32 snoRNA binding (GO:0030515) 0.11
3 YML114C YCR042C YPL011C YDR167W YMR236W YBR198C YGL112C YMR005W YML015C YDR145W YMR227C YBR081C YLR055C YDR448W YGR252W YDR392W YPL254W 2.37E-26 transcription factor activity (GO:0001075) 0.47
4 YCR042C YML114C YMR005W YML015C YPL011C YMR236W YGR274C YBR198C YGL112C YLR055C YCL010C YDR448W YPL254W 1.67E-21 transcription factor activity (GO:0001075) 0.41
5 YLR129W YLR409C YDR449C YCR057C YPL266W YPR112C YDR299W YGR128C YPL126W YJR002W YDR324C YNL132W YPL217C YBL004W YDL148C YER082C YHR196W YGR090W YCL059C YLR003C YCL011C YCL031C YDL213C 2.91E-17 snoRNA binding (GO:0030515) 0.12
6 YLR418C YGL244W YOL145C YBR279W YOR123C YGL019W YOR039W YMR309C YPL181W 6.89E-14 RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain phosphoserine binding (GO:1990269) 0.36
7 YHL025W YBR289W YPL016W YPR034W YJL176C YFL049W YHR023W YPL082C YNL059C YNL272C YML114C YPL011C YDR176W YBR198C YDR392W YGL066W YOL148C YDR145W YER164W YKR001C YDR073W YML069W YKL088W YMR172W 4.3E-11 DNA-dependent ATPase activity (GO:0008094) 0.17
8 YHR156C YHR165C YER172C YPR082C YDL087C YGR013W YDR283C YJL203W YDR416 YGL128C YLR117C YAL032C YPR178W YBL104C YGL100W YIL061C 2.45E-07 second spliceosomal transesterification activity (GO:0000386) 0.07
  1. The proteins in bold have well matched some known protein complex in benchmark complex dataset