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Table 3 The hyper-parameters and corresponding values

From: Disease named entity recognition from biomedical literature using a novel convolutional neural network

Hyper-parameter Value
Input context window size 13 (NCBI = CDR)
Word-level embedding dimension 200 (NCBI = CDR)
Character-level embedding dimension 20 (NCBI = CDR)
Lexicon feature embedding dimension 5 (NCBI = CDR)
Character-level CNN’s window size 3 (NCBI = CDR)
Character-level CNN’s filters number 20 (NCBI = CDR)
Word-level CNN’s window size 3 (NCBI = CDR)
Word-level CNN’s filters number 100 (NCBI = CDR)
Word-level Convolutional layers size 3 (NCBI); 4 (CDR)