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Fig. 1

From: Identifying statistically significant combinatorial markers for survival analysis

Fig. 1

Example of a statistically significant combination marker X with some non-significant gene components. a P1(gene) denotes samples with over-expression of the corresponding gene and P0(gene) denotes samples with no over-expression of the gene. Under α=0.05, gene3 is not significant, and under α=0.01, only gene 1 will be significant. b The gene combination X is comprised of the three genes in (a). P1(X) denotes the samples with over-expression of all 3 genes in X and P0(X) represents the samples with no over-expression in at least one of the 3 genes. The combination of the three genes results to a marker with significantly low p-value even if not all three are evaluated as significant. With a conventional filtering approach, this combination marker may never be detected

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