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Fig. 2

From: Identifying statistically significant combinatorial markers for survival analysis

Fig. 2

Kaplan-Meier plots for the top three markers in TableĀ 2, and the corresponding KM plots for individual genes in combination markers. In the combinations, all genes involved are assumed to have high expressions. For all figures, the red curves represent the survival probability of individuals with highly expressed genes/gene combinations, while the blue curves represent the survival probability of individuals with non-highly expressed genes/gene combinations. Indicated p-values are the adjusted log-rank p-values using the total correction factor k=556284. If the adjusted p-values exceed 1.0, p=1.0 is used. a The 2-gene combination C1orf55,TIMM17A (uppermost) and the respective individual KM plots for C1orf55 (middle) and TIMM17A (lowermost); b The 2-gene combination TIMM17A,OTUD6B (uppermost) and the respective KM plots for the two genes in the combination; c The KM plot for the 3-gene combination MRPS14,ZNF707,TTC35 (top left), and the succeeding respective plots for the individual genes

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