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Table 2 Participating Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER) sites

From: Clinical providers’ experiences with returning results from genomic sequencing: an interview study

CSER Site Patient Population Disease Mode of Delivery
Baylor College of Medicine Pediatric Cancer Oncologist with genetic counselor present for consult as needed
Brigham and Women’s Hospital Adult Healthy and cardiomyopathy Primary-care physician or cardiologist
Columbia University Medical Center Adult Healthy/Not disease specific Geneticist and genetic counselor
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Pediatric Variety of pediatric diagnoses Genetic counselor and/or medical geneticist, cardiologist, hematologist, neurologist
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Adult Cancer oncologist with a referral to genetic counseling if needed
Hudson Alpha Pediatric Developmental delay and/or intellectual disabilities Medical geneticist and genetic counselor
Kaiser Permanente Adult Healthy/Preconception carrier testing Genetic counselor
University of North Carolina Adult and Pediatric Variety of diagnoses Medical geneticist and genetic counselor
University of Washington Adult Cancer Genetic counselor only or genetic counselor and medical geneticist
National Human Genome Research Institute Adult Healthy and atherosclerotic heart disease Genetic counselor and/or medical geneticist