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Table 3 Results types returned by site

From: Clinical providers’ experiences with returning results from genomic sequencing: an interview study

  Result Types
CSER Site Diagnostic Secondary Carriera PGx
Baylor College of Medicine P, LP, VUS P, LP Yes Yes
Brigham and Women’s Hospital P, LP, VUS-Favor pathogenic P, LP, VUS-Favor pathogenic, common complex for cardiometabolic traits Yes Yes
Columbia University Medical Center NA P, LP Yes Yes
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia P, LP,VUS P, LP Yes No
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute P, LP, VUS P, LP Yes No
Hudson Alpha P, LP, VUS P, LP Yes No
Kaiser Permanente N/A P Yes No
University of North Carolina P, LP, VUS P, LP Subset of adult participants Subset of adult participants
University of Washington P, LP, VUS P Yes Yes
National Human Genome Research Institute P, LP P, LP, VUS Yes Yes
  1. Abbreviations: CSER clinical sequencing exploratory research, P pathogenic, LP likely pathogenic, VUS variant of uncertain significance, PGx pharmacogenetics, NA not applicable
  2. aNumber of recessive conditions tested for by site varied