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Fig. 4

From: A child with multiple congenital anomalies due to partial trisomy 7q22.1 → qter resulting from a maternally inherited balanced translocation: a case report and review of literature

Fig. 4

FISH analysis of the proband (a) Using the XL 7q22/7q36 locus specific probe (Metasystems, Altlussheim, Germany) showing hybridization signals on two normal chromosomes 7 and on the derivative chromosome 14 (indicated by the arrowhead) on metaphase chromosomes [Right] and on interphase chromosomes [Left]; Orange labelled probe hybridizes to 7q22 region including the MLL5 gene. Green labelled probe hybridizes to 7q36 region that includes EZH2 gene. b Using XL IGH plus probe (Metasystems, Altlussheim, Germany) hybridizing to constant region (orange) and variable distal region (green) of the IGH locus on chromosome 14 (14q32). Analysis shows normal hybridization signals on normal chromosome 14 and derivative chromosome 14 (indicated by the arrowhead) in metaphase chromosomes [Left] and interphase chromosomes [Right]

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