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Table 2 Differential expressed genes in involved in neutrophil function

From: RNA sequencing-based longitudinal transcriptomic profiling gives novel insights into the disease mechanism of generalized pustular psoriasis

Process Gene Symbol
Development CSF3R
Protein trafficking CD63, AP3S1, AP3M2, AP1S3, AP1B1, AP1G2, AP1G1, AP2M1
Granule formation MMP9, LTF, LCN2, HP, MMP8, DEFA1, DEFA4, ELANE, PRTN3, AZU1
Capture and rolling PTX3
Arrest ITGB2, CD44
Activation during transmigration PIK3R5, MAPK14
Pattern recognition, migration FPR1, FPR2, IFNGR1, LTB4R, TLR1, TLR5, MYD88, IRAK4, CLEC7A, NLRP3, NLRC4
Cytokine secretion IL1B, IL8
Immune crosstalk TNFSF13B, ARG1
phagocytosis and degranulation NCF1, HCK, PTK2, RAB27A, RAB27B
Pyroptosis, autophagy ATG3, GABARAPL1, CASP1
Apoptosis HTRA2, CASP3