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Fig. 2

From: Circulating miRNome profiling in Moyamoya disease-discordant monozygotic twins and endothelial microRNA expression analysis using iPS cell line

Fig. 2

Circulating microRNA expression profiling in the MMD-discordant monozygotic twins and non-twin cohorts. a Venn diagram depicts a white circle as a collection of 546 plasma-microRNAs detected in the non-twin cohort (9 MMDs and 10 controls) and a red circle as a collection of 309 plasma-microRNAs detected in the discordant twins. The overlapping closed blue circle represents a set of 307 plasma-microRNAs, indicating predominant plasma-microRNAs detected in the discordant twins (99.4%) were also detected in the non-twin cohort. b Three-dimensional PCA plots demonstrate 2 distinct clusters in the circulating microRNA profile separated by MMD and controls. Each dot represents the expression profile of the 309 plasma-microRNAs detected by microarray in the discordant twins without any differential expression analysis. The affected MMD-discordant monozygotic twin (red square) and MMD patients in the non-twin cohort (blue squares) can be grouped (circled in solid line), whereas the non-affected twin (red triangle) and healthy control individuals in the non-twin cohort (blue triangles) can also be grouped (circled in dotted line). Component 2 (Y-axis) was the main component separating MMD and non-MMD control, including MMD-discordant monozygotic twins

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