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Fig. 3

From: Circulating miRNome profiling in Moyamoya disease-discordant monozygotic twins and endothelial microRNA expression analysis using iPS cell line

Fig. 3

Differential plasma microRNA expression profile in the twin and non-twin cohorts. a-b M-A plot (M = log2 fold change, A = averaged log2 expression) demonstrated the 187-differential plasma-microRNAs (151 up-regulated and 36 down-regulated) in the MMD-discordant monozygotic twins (threshold: absolute log-FC > 0.26; (a)), and 49-differential plasma-microRNAs (30 up-regulated and 19 down-regulated) in the non-twin cohort (threshold: absolute log-FC > 0.26 and p < 0.05; (b)). Seventeen plasma-microRNAs were further highlighted with black circle that showed significant differential expression between MMD and non-MMD both in the twin and non-twin cohort. Of these, 4 microRNAs shown in the plot were validated by real-time qPCR

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