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Table 2 Top-5 genes ranked by GDA scores from the DisGeNET database ( that are associated with breast-cancer-related diseases

From: Integrative pathway-based survival prediction utilizing the interaction between gene expression and DNA methylation in breast cancer

Disease ID Disease Gene GDA score
C0678222 Breast Carcinoma AKT1 0.2418
PIK3CD 0.0448
MAPK3 0.0118
HRAS 0.0077
BCAR1 0.0074
C0006142 Malignant neoplasm of breast AKT1 0.2420
PIK3CD 0.0475
KDR 0.0119
MAPK3 0.0110
PAK1 0.0095
C3539878 Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms PIK3CD 0.0047
AKT1 0.0022
AKT3 0.0011
MAPK3 0.0011
KDR 0.0008