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Fig. 2

From: New insights into the phenotypic spectrum of 14q22q23 deletions: a case report and literature review

Fig. 2

Array-CGH results and 14q22.1-q23.2 map. a Array-CGH profile of chromosome 14 and enlargement of the region involved in the deletion (SurePrint G3 Human CGH Microarray kit 8x60K, Agilent). b Chromosome 14 ideogram and physical map of the 14q22.1-q23.2 region (nucleotides 51,000,000–64,500,000, corresponding to the red box highlighted on the ideogram; UCSC Genome Browser, GRCh37/hg19): gray bar indicates the genomic region involved in the deletion of the present case; blue bars delineate the genomic regions involved in deletion reported in literature and reviewed in the present work; OTX2 gene is indicated as a red bar

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