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Table 1 26 populations in the dataset

From: Human ancestry indentification under resource constraints -- what can one chromosome tell us about human biogeographical ancestry?

Population code Population name Continent Sample size
PUR Puerto Rican America 104
CLM Colombian America 94
PEL Peruvian America 85
MXL Mexican-American America 64
GBR British Europe 91
FIN Finnish Europe 99
IBS Spanish Europe 107
CEU CEPH Europe 99
TSI Tuscan Europe 107
CHS Southern Han Chinese East Asia 105
CDX Dai Chinese East Asia 93
KHV Kinh Vietnamese East Asia 99
CHB Han Chinese East Asia 103
JPT Japanese East Asia 104
PJL Punjabi South Asia 96
BEB Bengali South Asia 86
STU Sri Lankan South Asia 102
ITU Indian South Asia 102
GIH Gujarati South Asia 103
ACB African-Caribbean Africa 96
GWD Gambian Africa 113
ESN Esan Africa 99
MSL Mende Africa 85
YRI Yoruba Africa 108
LWK Luhya Africa 99
ASW African-American SW Africa 61