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Fig. 2

From: Transposase mapping identifies the genomic targets of BAP1 in uveal melanoma

Fig. 2

BAP1 N-terminal and C-terminal PBase fusions identified overlapping sets of target genes. a Genomic peak regions of transposon insertions were identified for N-terminal (BAP1-PBase) and C-terminal (PBase-BAP1) fusion constructs. Left: Venn diagram showing modest overlap of called peaks between the two constructs. Right: representative genomic region illustrating overlapping peaks. b Genes containing or adjacent to transposon insertion peaks were identified and compared between the two fusion constructs. Left: Venn diagram showing overlap of targeted genes. Right: representative genomic region showing a gene with non-overlapping insertion peaks. c Differences in the insertion rates between the two fusion constructs. The number of genomic loci (Y-axis) is plotted against the numbers of insertions per locus (X-axis). A large proportion of calling card insertions were unclustered background represented by genomic loci with 5 or fewer insertions within 10 kb. PBase-BAP1 produced proportionally fewer genomic loci with multiple insertions than did BAP1-PBase

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