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Table 1 Data sources

From: Novel disease syndromes unveiled by integrative multiscale network analysis of diseases sharing molecular effectors and comorbidities

Dataset name Version Downloaded Source (URL) Data type derived
NIGHRI-EBI GWAS Catalog 2016 07/10/2016 Disease-to-SNP associations derived from GWAS
EMBL-EBI EFO 2016 07/10/2016 Disease branches
GTEx V6 05/04/2017 SNP-to-eQTL_RNA relations derived from eQTL studing associating SNPs to the regulated targets (RNAs)
dbSNP 142 08/25/2016 ASN1_flat/ SNP host gene or intergenic SNPs
HCUP 2013 09/01/2016 Disease-patient relations
SNOMED Sep. 2015 11/2015 Disease SNOMED-CT IDs
UMLS 2015AA 07/09/2015 Disease UMLS IDs
HapMap LD 2009 10/11/2010 Linkage disequilibrium data
1000 Genome 2014 11/14/2014 Linkage disequilibrium r^2