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Table 1 Significant genes and GO analysis of the co-expression networks of different melanoma subtypes

From: Identification of cancer subtypes from single-cell RNA-seq data using a consensus clustering method

  Gene list Term type & name P-value
Subtype 1 RPS24 SNHG5 RPS3 RPL38 BP: cotranslational protein targeting 6.34E-8
  RPL12 CTSB PAICS HLA-C BP: translational initiation 2.89E-7
  RPS12 MTRNR2L2 MTRNR2L6 BP: regulation of apoptotic process 9.71E-2
  GAS5 MTRNR2L10 ARPC1B KEGG: Antigen processing and presentation 8.47E-2
   CC: focal adhesion 1.42E-3
Subtype 2 FOSB JUNB JUN IER2 BP: cellular response 2.28E-6
  DNAJB1 TOB1 PPP1R15A BP: negative regulation of transcription 7.67E-3
  LOC284454 MCL1 BRD2 BP: regulation of cell death 3.025E-3
  DUSP1 SLC2A3 ZFP36 MF: transcription factor activity 1.65E-4
   KEGG: Osteoclast differentiation 4.96 E-4
Subtype 3 HLA-C CTSB HLA-B GSG1 BP: interferon signaling pathway 2.09E-12
  IL12RB1 HLA-A CTSD BP: positive regulation of T cell mediated cytotoxicity 2.96E-9
  LOC90834 B2M HLA-F HLA-H BP:antigen processing 1.38E-6
  AHNAK HLA-E SHOX BP: immune response 5.22E-11
   KEGG:A ntigen processing and presentation 8.11E-8
Subtype 4 MTRNR2L6 MTRNR2L10 BP: cellular response to hormone stimulus 1.33E-2
  MTRNR2L1 MTRNR2L3 BP: response to mechanical stimulus 1.50E-2
  MTRNR2L2 MTRNR2L8 KEGG: Osteoclast differentiation 1.89E-2
  FOSB IER2 MTRNR2L4 MF:DNA binding 8.34E-3
  MTRNR2L7 ARGLU1 MF: transcription factor activity 6.79E-3
  JUN RBM39 SET   
Subtype 5 SHISA9 ABCC9 ORC4 KEGG: Cell cycle 5.28E-2
  UGDH-AS1 LOC643406 ASTN2 CC: integral component of membrane 7.95E-2
  MDM2 UGT8 LOC286437 CC: synapse 8.59E-2
  TMEM212 XKR9 GLIPR1L2   
  SPC25 ARHGEF26-AS1   
Subtype 6 C17orf76-AS1 RPS4X BP:translational initiation 1.21E-18
  RPS6 GAS5 RPL29 BP:rRNA processing 7.40E-17
  RPS3 RPS24 RPS27 BP:ribosomal small subunit biogenesis 8.07E-5
  EEF1G RPS19 RPLP0 MF:structural constituent of ribosome 1.76E-15
  RPL18A RPL26 RPL13AP5 KEGG:Ribosome 2.44E-10