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Fig. 1

From: Genetic investigation into an increased susceptibility to biliary atresia in an extended New Zealand Māori family

Fig. 1

Pedigree of the twelve BA families from the iwi (twelve shaded individuals with BA, one half-shaded with a choledochal cyst). The birth dates for the children of the Pedigree J founders are in the mid to early nineteenth century. Affected individuals born after the year 2000 are shown in the bottom row while those before the year 2000 are in the row immediately above. Many other siblings and family members are not shown for brevity. Dotted lines represent instances where explicit, contiguous connections to the rest of the iwi via named individuals were absent, but the members reported kinship via older ancestors. Affected individuals in the J-group are labelled J-1 to J-7, while those from the wider iwi are I-1 to I-5. The sibling with a choledochal cyst is labelled as ‘cc’. Generation labels are given only for the J-Group, beginning with Couple J (indicated with an asterix)

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