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Fig. 3

From: Genetic investigation into an increased susceptibility to biliary atresia in an extended New Zealand Māori family

Fig. 3

a Inbreeding Co-Efficients for Iwi BA Cases Compared to Parents, estimated using FEstim, and groups compared with ANOVA. b Rates of Homozygosity-by-State (HBS) runs of continuous markers in known Consanguineous Iwi Samples (n = 2) Compared to iwi parents Without Reported Consanguinity (n = 12). c Homozygosity Estimated by Size of HBS Runs. Groups: affected Iwi individuals (n = 6), parents of affected iwi individuals (n = 12), Māori parents of BA children with no reported connection to the Iwi (n = 14) and unrelated Europeans (n = 14). All had no known parental consanguinity

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