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Table 1 Sample information and sequencing results

From: Identification of biomarkers for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis by comprehensive analysis of exosomal mRNAs in human cerebrospinal fluid

Specimen Sex Age Diagnosis Duration of disease ALSFRS-R Mapped reads
NH1 M 62 Healthy N.A. N.A. 60,623,044
NH2 M 57 Healthy N.A. N.A. 40,284,207
NH3 M 60 Healthy N.A. N.A. 54,089,758
NH4 M 56 Healthy N.A. N.A. 30,168,826
ALS1 M 57 sALS 1 year 45 23,718,245
ALS2 M 55 sALS 0.5 year 43 23,604,092
ALS3 M 51 sALS 5 years 42 44,024,882
ALS4 M 67 sALS 2 years 41 21,196,954
  1. Background information on donors of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) specimens is summarized. Additionally, read numbers of those successfully mapped to human genome reference B37.3 in exoRNA-seq are also shown. NH normal healthy, sALS sporadic ALS, N.A., represents not applicable