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Table 1 Clinicopathologic characteristics of the patients with CBT

From: Mutational load in carotid body tumor

Patient Gender Age (years) Family history of paragangliomas Metastasis (lymph node/distance) Multifocal growth Comments
Pat100 Female 35 N/A No No
Pat101 Female 46 N/A No No Tumor recurrence was diagnosed in a year after surgery*
Pat102 Female 31 N/A No No
Pat103 Male 57 N/A No No
Pat104 Female 58 N/A No Yes Carotid body tumor and vagal paraganglioma were diagnosed*
Pat105 Female 67 N/A No No
  1. * - In the study, only primary CBT from Pat101 and CBT (not vagal paraganglioma) from Pat104 were analyzed