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Table 2 General characteristics of sequencing results

From: Clinical aspects of TP53 gene inactivation in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Intron mutations In coding sequence of ТР53 gene
With unknown effect Influence on splicing Nonsense Frame-shift mutations Missense Samesense
IVS4-30Т > С     p.L130F  
IVS5 + 43G > T     p.W146Ra  
IVS5-17Т > С     p.T155Ia р.V157 V
IVS7 + 31G > Сa     p.R156C р.H179H
IVS8 + 10С > Аa IVS6-36G > C p.R213Хa p.A189Pfs p.R196Q p.L252 L
IVS8 + 20A > G     p.G244S р.V272 V
IVS8 + 37A > G     p.V272Ea p.G302G
IVS9 + 12Т > Сa     p.A276V р.A307A
(rs1800899)     p.G293R  
  1. Note. aMutations occurring twice in the study population