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Table 1 Fifthteen ordered SNPs elucidated by GWAS in the FTO intron 1 73 kb region

From: FTO haplotyping underlines high obesity risk for European populations

SNP_id Risk Alt GWAS P_value Flanking NTs
rs6499640 A G 4.00E-13 AGG
rs9940128a A G 4.00E-23 CGG
rs1421085 C T 6.00E-39 ATA
rs1558902 A T 2E-223 GTT
rs1121980 A G 4.00E-08 TGT
rs62033400 G A 2.00E-14 AAA
rs17817449a G T 2.00E-12 CTG
rs8043757 T A 5E-110 AAC
rs8050136 A C 2E-58 TCA
rs11075990a G A 2E-51 CAT
rs9939609 A T 4E-51 TTG
rs7202116a G A 2.00E-10 CAT
rs7185735 G A 1E-79 TAG
rs17817964 T C 1.00E-10 ACA
rs12149832a A G 5.00E-22 CGT
  1. Change of CpG dinucleotide content is marked with ‘a’. ‘Risk’ – risk-associated allele; ‘Alt’ – reference (major) allele