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Table 2 Cell line gDNA and its single cell MDA products tested by ASA bead chip

From: BasePhasing: a highly efficient approach for preimplantation genetic haplotyping in clinical application of balanced translocation carriers

Sample ID Call rate % Defectsa LogRDevb Heterozygous call rate SNPs accordance vs C-gDNA
C-gDNA 0.9871739 1.56 0.15 16.1% 100%
C-MDA1 0.9642419 7.74 0.38 14.8% 97.01%
C-MDA2 0.9616035 7.76 0.39 14.8% 96.72%
  1. Cell line: GM16457, with a known 5.3Mbp deletion in chr18; C-MDA1 and C-MDA2 are the repetition
  2. aScore given to each sample based on the number of detected regions. This value is the sum of the length of all detected regions per sample divided by the length of the genome
  3. bStandard deviation of the log R ratios of the sample