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Fig. 3

From: Sequencing and curation strategies for identifying candidate glioblastoma treatments

Fig. 3

EGFR vIII detection in NYGC-GBM 27. a Table of EGFR SVs called by two SV callers (Delly, Breakdancer) in WGS data. b Sashimi plot from RNA-Seq data indicating 32 Exon1–8 junctions reads (exon 2–7 del). c RT-PCR confirmation of EGFRvIII. Blue circle indicates wild-type EGFR (exons 1–8) 929 bp fragment, green circle indicates EGFRvIII exons 2–7 loss 128 bp, red circle indicates EGFR potential exon 6–7 loss, yellow circle indicates GAPDH 87 bp control. d Sanger sequencing of gel band confirming presence of EGFR vIII with Glycine codon insertion as previously reported, (Chr7: 55,087,058-55,223–523; c.335_1135delinsggt, p.V30_R297delinsG)

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