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Table 1 Comparison between tissues of HCC patients. Ratio of the averages and p value of the paired samples t-test

From: Entropy of mitochondrial DNA circulating in blood is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma

  Blood vs Normal liver p value Blood vs Tumor p value Normal liver vs Tumor p value
Number of patients 25 N/A 277 N/A 81 N/A
Number of reads (log10) 1.02 8.78E-01 0.99 7.82E-01 1.02 7.82E-01
mtDNA average depth 0.14 9.96E-05 0.49 8.30E-12 1.86 6.68E-04
mtDNA total entropy 0.49 1.40E-03 0.75 2.22E-03 1.26 2.44E-01
Percentage of the mtDNA genome covered 0.98 1.06E-06 1.00 1.95E-06 1.00 4.87E-04
Percentage of all reads that map to the mtDNA genome 0.19 1.45E-06 0.50 2.02E-12 1.72 3.33E-04
Number of polymorphic sites. 0.18 3.17E-04 0.50 8.29E-04 2.09 2.52E-03
Number of different sites (p < 0.05) 468 N/A 319 N/A 492 N/A