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Table 5 WPC Index

From: A systematic analysis of genomics-based modeling approaches for prediction of drug response to cytotoxic chemotherapies

NO FS 0.581 0.578 0.528 0.009
DEG 0.582 0.579 0.535 0.001
CTR1 0.581 0.576 0.519 0.056
CTR2 0.576 0.559 0.508 0.248
MRMR 0.579 0.575 NA NA
BS 0.58 0.576 NA NA
BC 0.575 0.571 NA NA
Hist 0.552 0.552 NA NA
Random Control NA 0.498 NA NA
  1. WPC Index for NLSVR and PCR models as well as values for non small cell lung cancer adenocarcinoma (NSCLC-AD) in select drugs. The-value for NSCLC-AD was calculated by 3000 random permutations of the test data to construct a null distribution. For example, there is a .01% chance of obtaining a higher WPC score randomly for NLSVR DEG models on NSCLC-AD. Note that a wpc score cannot be calculated for the random control for NLSVR due to a variance of 0 which results in division by 0 incalculated wpc scores