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Table 2 Quantitative metrics for the human tissue-specific assemblies computed by TransRate

From: Exploiting orthology and de novo transcriptome assembly to refine target sequence information

  brain liver kidney
# contigs 165,810 88,083 128,530
max. Contig length [bp] 30,531 27,458 23,822
mean contig length [bp] 1367.92 1383.32 1355.58
# contigs with ORF 42,581 29,226 37,009
coverage of contigs with ORF [%] 39.8 45.9 43.6
  1. The number of contigs, the number of base pairs in the longest contig, the mean contig length and the number of ambiguous bases (# N bases) provide information on the basic characteristics of the assembly. The number of contigs containing an open reading frame (# contigs with ORF) and the mean percentage of the contig being covered by the ORF (coverage of contigs with ORF [%]) help to assess the protein-coding potential of the assembled contigs