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Fig. 5

From: Deconvolution of transcriptomes and miRNomes by independent component analysis provides insights into biological processes and clinical outcomes of melanoma patients

Fig. 5

Correlated component clusters. Heatmaps showing coefficient of determination (r2) between weights of RIC-RIC (a), MIC-MIC (b) and RIC-MIC(c). The cluster of components (d) is based on gene components (RICs) linked to immune response via enrichment analysis of top-contributing genes; cluster (e) is based on RICs linked to angiogenesis and stroma transcriptional signal. The size of the circles illustrates the number of top-contributing genes and miRNAs in the components. RIC and MIC components have been linked to each other on basis of correlation (edges between components show r2 > 0.25). As an additional validation, the weights of the described components were compared with ESTIMATE [9] scores and corresponding r 2 are shown in (f). The weights of the RIC25 and RIC13 components correlated best to immune and stromal scores, shown in (g)

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