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Table 1 The haplotype in USH2A gene in 11 embryos

From: Preimplantation genetic testing for a family with usher syndrome through targeted sequencing and haplotype analysis

EmbryoADOHaplotypes in USH2A geneGenotypes in USH2A geneNumbers of Informative SNPs supported each haplotype in each embryo
M-Hap AM-Hap BF-Hap AF-Hap B
Embryo 10.00%M-Hap A/F-Hap Bp.Ser2251Ter/N9700282
Embryo 20.00%M-Hap B/F-Hap Ac.1144-2A > C/c.10740 + 7G > A0661680
Embryo 331.71%M-Hap B/F-Hap Ac.1144-2A > C/c.10740 + 7G > A0321180
Embryo 40.00%M-Hap B/F-Hap Ac.1144-2A > C/c.10740 + 7G > A0821830
Embryo 50.00%M-Hap B/F-Hap Ac.1144-2A > C/c.10740 + 7G > A0821850
Embryo 612.20%M-Hap B/F-Hap Ac.1144-2A > C/c.10740 + 7G > A0581170
Embryo 70.00%M-Hap A/F-Hap Ap.Ser2251Ter/c.10740 + 7G > A9421850
Embryo 84.88%M-Hap A/ F-Hap Bp.Ser2251Ter/N9500276
Embryo 90.00%M-Hap B/F-Hap Bc.1144-2A > C/N0830282
Embryo100.00%M-Hap B/F-Hap Ac.1144-2A > C/c.10740 + 7G > A0811810
Embryo1114.63%M-Hap A/F-Hap Bp.Ser2251Ter/N340077
  1. M-Hap A: p.Ser2251Ter; M-Hap B: c.1144–2 A > C; F-Hap A: c.10740 + 7G > A; F-Hap B: wild type