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Table 2 Enriched pathways using ConsensusPathDB

From: Significant random signatures reveals new biomarker for breast cancer

Pathway NamePathway SourcePathway SizeNumber of Enriched Genesp-value in DMFS Datasetp-value in RFS Dataset
Oocyte meiosis - Homo sapiensKEGG113300.0080.005
HTLV-I infection - Homo sapiensKEGG259320.0120.006
FoxO signaling pathway - Homo sapiensKEGG134130.0750.040
Cell cycle - Homo sapiensKEGG124510.0080.007
MAPK signaling pathway - Homo sapiensKEGG257110.0200.062
p53 signaling pathway - Homo sapiensKEGG68130.0100.004
Pathways in cancer - Homo sapiensKEGG398320.3190.463
DNA replication - Homo sapiensKEGG36190.1300.087
miR-targeted genes in lymphocytes - TarBaseWikipathways 310.0190.071
miR-targeted genes in epithelium - TarBaseWikipathways327250.0030.068
Gastric cancer network 2Wikipathways3290.0210.014
Mitotic G2-G2-M phasesWikipathways550.0020.001
DNA Damage ResponseWikipathways68210.0250.015
Cell CycleWikipathways103390.0290.051
Gastric Cancer Network 1Wikipathways29100.0100.007
Pyrimidine MetabolismSMPDB2360.0490.015
Validated targets of C-MYC transcriptional activationPID89120.1290.044
FOXM1 transcription factor networkPID42130.0040.002
E2F transcription factor networkPID75230.0510.029
Aurora B signalingPID41180.0130.012
Aurora A signalingPID3180.0030.015
PLK1 signaling eventsPID44200.0100.011