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Table 3 Mutations in discordant samples identified by next generation sequencing using a panel of 50 cancer-associated genes

From: Accurate detection of KRAS, NRAS and BRAF mutations in metastatic colorectal cancers by bridged nucleic acid-clamp real-time PCR

Sample No.PositionReferenceVariantGeneNucleotide changesDeduced amino acid changesVAF (%)coverage
#2chr1:115256506CTNRASc.205G > AD69N17.51995
 chr14:105246470CTAKT1c.130G > AD44N5.52000
 chr17:7578431GATP53c.499C > TQ167*21.11970
 chr19:1223030CTSTK11c.967C > TP323S5.12000
 chr19:1223054CTSTK11c.991C > TR331W5.11997
#3chr12:25378562CTKRASc.436G > AA146T28.31161
 chr1:115258747CTNRASc.35G > AG12D9.11998
 chr3:37067240TAMLH1c.1151 T > AV384D21.61998
 chr5:112173917CTAPCc.2626C > TR876*16.12000
 chr5:112175589CTAPCc.4298C > TP1433L7.42000
 chr13:49033902TCRB1c.2039 T > CI680T6.51628
 chr17:7577551CATP53c.730G > TG244C12.62000
 chr17:7578479GATP53c.451C > TP151S18.02000
 chr19:1223125CGSTK11c.1062C > GF354 L41.2818
  1. Bold text indicates mutations covered by BNA-clamp and PCR-rSSO
  2. VAF variant allele frequency