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Table 1 The numbers of microarray samples for building the reference expression signature for 9 types of immune cells

From: Improved cell composition deconvolution method of bulk gene expression profiles to quantify subsets of immune cells

Immune cell typesSubtypesTreatmentsReplicates
Dendritic cellImmature 9
Mature 7
Tolerogenic 8
Naïve CD4 T cellCD4+ CD45RA+ 9
Naïve CD8 T cellCD3+ CD8+ 13
Memory CD8+ T cellCD45RO+ 12
Natural killer cellIL-2 treatmentIL-212
Macrophage M1IFNγ treatmentIFNγ9
IFNγ  + TNF treatmentIFNγ  + TNF5
Macrophage M2IL-4 treatmentIL-425
T helper cellCD4 + IL-12 treatmentCD4 + IL-1211
CD4 + IL-4 treatmentCD4 + IL-412
Regulatory T cellIFNγ treatmentIFNγ8
No treatment 8