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Table 1 Description of current MySeq functionality

From: MySeq: privacy-protecting browser-based personal Genome analysis for genomics education and exploration

Category Current Capabilities
Query Query for variants by genomic position, rsID and gene name. Obtain comprehensive annotations, e.g. amino acid translation, allele frequency, etc., for each variant from [37].
Physical Traits Predict phenotypes for physical traits, e.g. taste PTC as bitter, based on the genotypes of one or more associated variants.
Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Report genotypes and associated phenotypes based on CPIC guidelines and/or the drug label for Simvastatin and Warfarin.
Polygenic Disease Risk Predict polygenic disease risk for Type 2 Diabetes using a likelihood ratio-based approach [41], and report the APOE ε4 genotype and associated risk data for Alzheimer Disease.
Ancestry Scatter plot visualization of the top two principal components using loadings for 496 ancestry informative markers (AIM) [42] computed with the POPRES resource [43].