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Table 11 Predicted HPO terms of P23434 (gene name: GCSH) by our four methods based on NMF

From: HPOAnnotator: improving large-scale prediction of HPO annotations by low-rank approximation with HPO semantic similarities and multiple PPI networks

MethodPredicted HPO termsCorrect
NMFHP:0002079, HP:0001276, HP:0000007, HP:0007256, HP:0003287, HP:0000718, HP:0000729, HP:0002167, HP:0001268, HP:00023602
NMF-NHPOHP:0000007, HP:0002079, HP:0001250, HP:0001276, HP:0000718, HP:0000729, HP:0012444, HP:0007256, HP:0002360, HP:00004783
NMF-PPNHP:0000007, HP:0001276, HP:0007256, HP:0000729, HP:0000718, HP:0000478, HP:0003287, HP:0001268, HP:0001298, HP:00012504
HPOAnnotatorHP:0000007, HP:0001250, HP:0001298, HP:0000005, HP:0000707, HP:0000718, HP:0002167, HP:0000711, HP:0000924, HP:00002345
TrueHP:0000007, HP:0000711, HP:0000718, HP:0001250, HP:0001298, HP:0001522, HP:0002086, HP:0002795, HP:0100247, HP:0100710 
  1. Correctly predicted HPO terms are in boldface