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Table 1 Characteristics of datasets included in this study

From: Analysis of gene expression profiles and protein-protein interaction networks in multiple tissues of systemic sclerosis

First AuthorTissueGEO AccessionReference
Christmann RLungGSE81292[1]
Feghali-Bostwick CALungGSE48149
Christmann RLungGSE76808[2]
Pendergrass SPBMCGSE19617[3]
Risbano MGPBMCGSE22356[4]
Cheadle CPBMCGSE33463[5]
Pendergrass SSkinGSE32413[6]
Hinchcliff MSkinGSE45485[7]
Milano ASkinGSE9285[8]
Whitfield MLSkinGSE76807
  1. Abbreviation: GEO: Gene Expression Omnibus; PBMC: peripheral blood mononuclear cell