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Table 4 Most significant GO and KEGG pathways enriched in PBMC clusters

From: Analysis of gene expression profiles and protein-protein interaction networks in multiple tissues of systemic sclerosis

Go Biological ProcessP-valueKEGG PathwayP-value
Cluster P.1 (Inflammation and immunity) - size/DEGs = 7/7
 - type I interferon signaling pathway1.16E-07None
 - cellular response to type I interferon1.16E-07
 - endosomal vesicle fusion0.000119
 - cytokine-mediated signaling pathway0.000503
 - negative regulation of viral genome replication0.001647
Cluster P.2 (Inflammation and immunity) - size/DEGs = 9/9
 - response to organophosphorus5.96E-06- Apoptosis1.16E-07
 - response to purine-containing compound5.96E-06- Osteoclast differentiation6.68E-06
 - response to cytokine1.34E-05- TNF signaling pathway0.000265
 - cellular response to organic substance1.34E-05- Influenza A0.000798
 - response to cAMP2.61E-05- Viral carcinogenesis0.001022