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Table 1 The patient blood routine results

From: Karyotyping and prenatal diagnosis of 47,XX,+ 8[67]/46,XX [13] Mosaicism: case report and literature review

ITEMResultReference value
White blood cell count5.683.5–9.5*10^9/L
Hemoglobin number118115-150 g/L
Red blood cell count3.293.8–5.1*10^12/L
Percentage of neutrophils68.440–75%
Absolute neutrophils3.891.8–6.3*10^9/L
Percentage of lymphocytes21.720–50%
Lymphocyte absolute value1.231.1–3.2*10^9/L
Mononuclear cell percentage9.33–10%
Absolute value of mononuclear cells0.530.1–0.6*10^9/L
Percentage of eosinophils0.40.4–8%
Absolute value of eosinophils0.020.02–0.52*10^9/L
Percentage of basophils0.20–1%
Basophil absolute value0.010–0.06*10^9/L
Platelet volume distribution width8.710-20 fl
Mean platelet volume8.97.6–13.2 fl
Mean erythrocyte volume10582-100 fl
Mean red blood cell hemoglobin content36.927-34 pg
Average hemoglobin concentration351316-354 g/L
Erythrocyte volume distribution width-sd57.139-46 fl
Erythrocyte volume distribution width -SV14.910.9–15.4%
Macroplatelet ratio16.713–43%