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Table 1 Association results for the three stages and the meta-analysis at the 12q13.13 locus

From: Genome-wide association study in Chinese cohort identifies one novel hypospadias risk associated locus at 12q13.13

SNPRisk AlleleLocationAttributed genesStudyRAFaOR(95% CI)bP valuebPhetc
rs11170516G12:53752692SP1, SP7Discovery stage0.8880.7792.27(1.64–3.23)1.6 × 10− 60.52
    Replication 10.8710.7981.69(1.14–2.63)1.3 × 10−2
    Replication 20.8650.7831.79(1.16–2.63)8.0 × 10−3
    Meta-analysis0.8770.7841.96(1.59–2.44)3.5 × 10−9
  1. aRisk allele frequency (RAF)
  2. bORs, 95% CIs and corresponding P values in additive model were estimated using a logistic regression model
  3. cP value of Cochran’s Q-test for the heterogeneity