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Table 3 Significant Clusters Related to the PPI Network of RPL and Their Properties

From: Identification of genes and miRNA associated with idiopathic recurrent pregnancy loss: an exploratory data mining study

Clusters Details
Rank: 1
Nodes: 27
Edges: 308
Cluster Score: 23.692
Seed node: P35222
Seed Protein: CTNNB1
Seed MCODE score: 18.0
Rank: 2
Nodes: 3
Edges: 3
Cluster Score: 3
Seed node: -
Seed Protein: -
Seed MCODE score: 9.0
Rank: 3
Nodes: 7
Edges: 8
Cluster Score: 2.667
Seed node: Q13485
Seed Protein: SMAD4
Seed MCODE score: 13.450