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Table 2 Correlation coefficients and p values between T/S ratio and parameters in patients with TDT

From: Leukocyte telomere length in patients with transfusion-dependent thalassemia

ParametersCorrelation coefficientp value
Age−0.444< 0.0001*
Rate of red blood cell transfusion0.0140.911
Pre-transfusion Hb level0.2510.044*
Maximum ferritin level0.1720.170
Reticulocyte count0.2150.105
Liver enzymes
  1. Correlation coefficients were calculated by Pearson’s method
  2. AST, Aspartate transaminase; ALT, Alanine transaminase; LIC, liver iron concentration;
  3. NTBI, Non-transferrin bound iron; TDT, transfusion-dependent thalassemia
  4. *Denotes statistical significance at p < 0.05