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Table 3 Possible base editing systems to correct pathogenic variant NM_001005463.2:c.196A > G responsible for ataxia with delayed development

From: Genome scale analysis of pathogenic variants targetable for single base editing

Base editor Editing window Protospacer genome sequence
A-BE3 attgga gaaatTggatttccggaggttgg
Y-BE3 attgg gaaatTggatttccggaggttgg
FE-BE3 ttg gaaatTggatttccggaggttgg
YEE-BE3 tt gaaatTggatttccggaggttgg
VQR_Cas9 ttggattt aaatTggatttccggaggttggaa
YE1-VQR-Cas9 tg aaatTggatttccggaggttggaa
APOBEC aagaaatt ggaagaaatTggatttccggagg
APOBEC aatTggat gaaatTggatttccggaggttgg
BE_PLUS ggaagaaatTgga agtggaagaaatTggatttccgg
BE_PLUS agaaatTggattt ggaagaaatTggatttccggagg
xCas9_BE3 attgg gaaatTggatttccggaggttgg
xCas9_BE3 ttgga aaatTggatttccggaggttgga
xCas9_BE3 tggat aatTggatttccggaggttggaa
APOBEC3A-Cas9 ttgga gaaatTggatttccggaggttgg
eA3A_xCas9 attgg gaaatTggatttccggaggttgg
SaKKH_BE3 gaagaaatt gtggaagaaatTggatttccggaggt
PmCDA1 ttgga tTggatttccggaggttggaagg