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Table 15 Top 10 upstream regulators involved in DE lncRNAs in Group 4 MB

From: Long non-coding RNA profiling of pediatric Medulloblastoma

Upstream Regulator Molecule Type P-val of overlap Target molecules in dataset
C17orf98 other 1.34E-03 XIST
ZNF426 transcription regulator 1.34E-03 XIST
RNF165 enzyme 1.34E-03 XIST
FBXO8 other 1.34E-03 XIST
LAYN other 2.68E-03 XIST
PYGO1 other 2.68E-03 XIST
CTCF transcription regulator 3.03E-03 TSIX,XIST
Firre other 4.02E-03 XIST
TSIX other 4.02E-03 XIST
miR-150-5p (and other miRNAs w/seed CUCCCAA) mature microRNA 4.02E-03 MIAT