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Table 4 Top 10 disease and function identified by IPA from DE lncRNAs in WNT subgroup

From: Long non-coding RNA profiling of pediatric Medulloblastoma

Categories Diseases or Functions Annotation P-val Activation z-score
Cellular Development, Cellular Growth and Proliferation, Nervous System Development and Function Neurogenesis of nervous tissue cell lines 3.38E-06  
Cellular Movement Cell movement of tumor cell lines 1.12E-05 1.324
Cellular Movement Migration of tumor cell lines 1.14E-05 1.498
Cellular Movement Invasion of tumor cell lines 1.55E-04 1.083
Cell Cycle Arrest in G0 phase of tumor cell lines 3.83E-04  
Cancer, Organismal Injury and Abnormalities Metastasis of tumor cell lines 4.26E-04 −0.277
Cell Death and Survival Cell death of eye cell lines 5.07E-04  
Cellular Movement Migration of cells 6.27E-04 0.573
Cellular Movement Cell movement 6.75E-04 0.453
Cellular Movement Migration of hepatoma cell lines 1.34E-03